Mertcan Temel

Formal Verification Engineer, M.S., PhD Student

I am a PhD Candidate of Computer Engineering at University of Texas at Austin. I specialize in formal verification of hardware. I am currently working on my dissertation titled "Automated and Scalable Verification of Integer Multipliers".

I got my B.S. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in June 2016 from Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey. My undergrad studies focused on digital circuits, signal processing and software engineering. I started a Ph.D. bound M.S. program in University of Texas at Austin in August 2016. My M.S. coursework focused on computer architecture with an emphasis on formal verification. I got my M.S. degree in May 2019. I am currently creating an efficient and widely applicable methd for verification of multipliers for my Ph.D. thesis.

My hobbies include bouldering (though interupted by the pandemic) and house plants, lots of them!